Our Story

We met in 2003, at work. That is where it all began. Work. At 16 years old, just a couple of kids, we sparked right away. We learned fast that we improved each other’s morale and work ethic. Since becoming a couple, we have continued to work together and build each other up. Once we realized photography was the only way we both really wanted to go, we moved to Pennsylvania and attended Antonelli Institute. Besides making the decision to spend our lives together, this was the best decision we could have ever made. We spent two years working hard, appreciating the little things, and studying photography in an intense program intended to get you ready for the working world. It tested us and made us stronger in so many ways…we graduated with confidence and a real sense of accomplishment.  Working together as photographers is a blast. We critique each other, compete with each other, compliment each other, support each other, and we work together with the same goal in mind – to create something beautiful. That is what we want to do for our clients. We want to continue down this path of working together and create something beautiful by capturing the beautiful moments in people’s lives. Let us use our strongest features in your favor. Let us capture the love in your life 🙂


About Krista

The fist time I ever used a camera, I was five. It was 1991, my little brother and I woke from our afternoon naps to find our mom still enjoying hers. Somehow, we ended up playing with the giant bottles of baby powder mom had as we turned our playroom into a winter wonderland. It really is amazing how much baby powder covering everything in the room can emulate a fresh coating of snow! I ran to the kitchen and spotted mom’s camera on top of the microwave. I scooted a kitchen chair over to the microwave cart, grabbed the camera down, and somehow knew exactly how to use it. I documented the moment as I saw it, as it made me feel, and felt so proud that I captured moments in time. Although mom (naturally) had a less than positive reaction to our indoor snow central, her tune quickly changed when she developed the camera. I think she knew what I was only just starting to figure out, that I was meant to take pictures.

Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I constantly found myself studying light, appreciating what it does to an image and enjoying the feeling that came from warm, vibrant colors. I also had the normal 90s kid childhood full of Barbie, Nintendo, Tomagotchi, and getting actual dirt on my jeans playing outside using my imagination. 90s kids really did have it best! My childhood upbringing which began in southern Connecticut finished out in northwestern Virginia and I could not be more grateful for the childhood I was blessed with. I grew up playing with friends, exploring our beautiful earth, and honing my love and skills for photography in small chunks. In high school, everything changed. I, like many other teens, needed something positive to do with my energy and angst. When my photo class teacher noticed my talent and pulled me aside to talk to me about it, I was bitten by the bug. It latched on and has yet to let go. I pretty regularly remember that conversation held in the classroom, how it made me feel, and the motivation it gave me and still gives me today.

Although I didn’t send myself to college right out of high school, I did finally attend in 2009 when I found the perfect school. Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography, built and inspired by Servero Antonelli, a visionary and genius of an artist. Together, Jerry and I auditioned, got accepted, and began our journey of photographic discovery. Although it had been our passion for a long time, neither of us could have imagined the incredible knowledge and experiences we would gain while attending this school. The time spent making friends, exploring Philadelphia, and learning about our passion will always hold the most special of places in my heart.

These days, when I am not out shooting, in the office editing/marketing/networking/building, or managing my favorite coffee shop, you can find me outside connecting with the earth, or inside connecting with my animals. SO many things bring me joy, and I do my best to stick to a work life balance that allows those joys into my life as often as possible. Writing, reading, painting, hiking, and indulging in my favorite shows are my favorite ways to spend my down time! What’s yours?

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